Tennessee Eastman Problem for MATLAB

In the summer of 1998, we recoded the Tennessee Eastman Challenge Problem proposed by Downs and Vogel from FORTRAN into MATLAB. This code is written exclusively in core MATLAB commands and is provided with a Simulink interface via an s-function implementation. The base case results generated by this code were faxed to Downs and Vogel[1], and they confirmed the output is accurate to within the capability of MATLAB to mimic the random noise generators of FORTRAN.

This code is provided completely free of charge and by downloading this code, you have explicitly agreed to our disclaimer.

To install, simply download the file linked below. Unzip and place the folder in your MATLAB path. Open up the Simulink model TEV5SIM.MDL. From there, you may run the code by simply starting the simulation (if an error with message "Error in S-function block 'tev5sim/S-Function': S-function 'tesfunc' does not exist " occurs, be sure all the files are in your MATLAB path). Scope plots are provided for the measurements plotted in the original publication. System inputs and outputs are labeled per the original publication.

Download The Files Here:

Tennessee Eastman Challenge Problem in MATLAB (zip file)

System Requirements:

MATLAB v5.3/Simulink v3 or higher


[1] Downs, J. J. and E. F. Vogel (1993). A plant-wide industrial process control problem. Computers & Chemical Engineering 17(3), 245-255