Dissertations & Theses

Ph.D. Dissertations


Kevin P. Timms,  "A novel engineering approach to modelling and optimizing smoking cessation interventions, "Ph.D., Biological Design, 2014. ASU Library 
13. Yuwen Dong,  "A novel control engineering approach to designing and optimizing adaptive sequential behavioral interventions, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2014. ASU Library
12. Sunil Deshpande, "Optimal input signal design for data-centric identification and control with applications to behavioral health and medicine," Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 2014. ASU Library
11. Richard Steenis, "Plant-friendly input signal design for system identification and robust control performance," Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 2009. ASU Library
10. Jay D. Schwartz, "Next generation supply chain management: control, optimization, and system identification," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2008. ASU Library
9. Kevin Roche, "Capacity planning and decision support methodologies in healthcare: a queueing and control-theory based approach," Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 2006. ASU Library
8. Hyunjin Lee, "A plant-friendly multivariable system identification framework based on identification test monitoring," Ph.D.,  Chemical Engineering, 2006. ASU Library
7. Wenlin Wang, "Model predictive control strategies for supply chain management in semiconductor manufacturing," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006. ASU Library
6. Martin William Braun, "Model-on-demand nonlinear estimation and model predictive control: Novel methodologies for process control and supply chain management," Ph.D.,  Chemical Engineering, 2001. ASU Library
5. Srinivas Adusumilli, "Novel methodologies for integrated identification and robust process control," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1999. ASU Library
4. Felipe de Jesus Vargas Villamil, "Hierarchical production optimization and inventory control of semiconductor reentrant manufacturing lines," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1999 . ASU Library
3. Wei-Ming Ling, "Control-oriented modeling of nonlinear process systems," Ph.D.,  Chemical Engineering, December 1997. ASU Library
2. Sujit V. Gaikwad, "Control Relevant Identification of Multivariate Systems in the Chemical Process Industries," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, December 1996. ASU Library
1. Kyoung-Shik Jun, "Control-Relevant Identification Methodology with Application to a High-Purity Distillation Column," Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, August, 1995. ASU Library


Masters Theses

13. Sunil Deshpande, "A control engineering approach for designing an optimized treatment plan for fibromyalgia," M.S., May, 2011.  
12. Jay D. Schwartz,"Stochastic Optimization and System Identification for Next-Generation Supply Chain Management," M.S.E., May, 2007.  
11. Wenlin Wang, “Model Predictive Control Strategies for Supply Chain Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing.” M.S.E, December, 2004.   
10. Martin W. Braun, “Model-on-Demand Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Process Systems,” M.S.E., May, 2001.   
9. Raul Ortiz-Mojica," Minimum Crest Factor Input Design for Plant-Friendly Identification of Process Systems," M.S., August 2000.   
8. Shan Zong, "Minimal Crest Factor Input Signal Design and Frequency-Domain Curvefitting for Control-Relevant Identification," M.S., December 1997.   
7. Wei-Ming Ling, "Modeling Strategies for Model-Based Process Control," M.S.E. (Masters in Passing), May, 1996.   
6. Xiangqin Chen, "Experimental Design for Robust Process Control Using Schroeder-Phased Input Signals," M.S., May, 1995.   
5. Abhijit P. Desai,"Towards the Development of Intelligent Process Control Strategies," M.S., December 1994.   
4. Saurabh Bhatnagar, Thesis title: "Iterative Restricted Complexity Modeling via Closed-Loop Identification " M.S., December, 1993.   
3. Manoj K. Shetty, "Development of an Instructional Control Systems Engineering Lab Using the TDC 3000 System," M.S., December, 1993   
2. Sujit V. Gaikwad, "Advanced process control for distributed control systems via reduced-order controllers," M.S., May, 1993.   
1. Emrod Elisante,"Robustness and identification issues in Horizon Predictive Control with Application to a Binary Distillation Column.," M.S., May, 1992.