CR-IDENT is a Matlab-based toolbox that implements a multivariable control-relevant system identification procedure, geared for the process industries. Features of the package include:

  • Contains a suite of graphical user-interactive tools for "plant-friendly" multi-channel input signal design, frequency response estimation, control-relevant parameter estimation, and robust loopshaping leading to models suitable for MPC application.
  • Provides an integrated framework for accessing these tools.
  • Includes novel functionality geared for highly interactive systems, such as high-purity distillation columns.

CR-IDENT requires Matlab w/SIMULINK  Release 2007a or higher (most recent evaluation done with Matlab 2010b) and the Signal Processing, System Identification, Control System, and Model Predictive Control toolboxes.

The theoretical basis for CR-IDENT is described in the Ph.D. dissertation of Hyunjin Lee, and the various papers that have resulted from this work.  You can read a preprint of the SYSID 2006 paper describing CR-IDENT here.

Follow these links to download the CR-IDENT toolbox software and user's manual. The code is provided completely free of charge and by requesting the package, you explicitly agree to our disclaimer.  We kindly request that users acknowledge CR-IDENT and cite Dr. Hyunjin Lee's dissertation in any publications involving use of the package.