The Control Systems Engineering Laboratory at Arizona State University is committed to broadly-applicable research in the areas of system identification and advanced process control. The goal of the research program is to develop fundamentally-oriented identification and control methodologies that improve human health and the efficiency, profitability, safety and environmental compliance of process systems.







Research efforts in the lab are primarily focused in the area of Optimized Interventions for Prevention and Treatment in Behavioral Health.  In addition, we maintain an ongoing interest in the topics of Chemical Process Control and Supply Chain Management.  Research problems in these topics include "plant-friendly" system identification, control-oriented approaches to inventory management in semiconductor supply chains, and the application of engineering control concepts to the design of adaptive, time-varying interventions for prevention and treatment of chronic, relapsing disorders.  The principal sponsor of our lab’s activities is the National Institutes of Health;  recent sponsors include the National Science Foundation, the American Chemical Society- Petroleum Research Fund, the Intel Research Council, and the Honeywell International Foundation.




We are actively promoting system identification education, and have an on-going collaboration with researchers at the University of Almeria and the National Distance Learning University (UNED) of Spain on the development of interactive software tools for enhancing the fundamental understanding of identification concepts.

Our laboratory is located in the Engineering Research Center building (ERC 522) in the Tempe campus of Arizona State University.  Any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. We very much hope you will enjoy your visit to this site.

Dr. Daniel E. Rivera, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Program Director, Control Systems Engineering Laboratory