Authors: Spencer Pratt, Jesús Emeterio Navarro-Barrientos, Ph.D and Daniel E. Rivera Ph.D.

Weigh IT Plus is an interactive tool to predict weight change over time based on an individual’s energy intake (food intake), sodium Intake and energy expenditure (physical activity). Weigh IT Plus can be used to model weight gain or loss in multiple ways including:

• Using initial energy intake and energy expenditure values and then applying intervention values.
• Tracking an individual’s energy intake and energy expenditure daily values.

The interactive tool responses are based on a three compartment model of an individual’s fat mass, lean tissue mass and extra cellular fluid (ECF) developed by Drs. Kevin D. Hall and Carson Chow of the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.   An individual’s total body mass or weight is the sum of these three components.  The  research resulting in this tool was funded by NIH Grant R21DA024266, "Dynamical systems and related engineering approaches to improving behavioral interventions," NIH Roadmap Initiative Award on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research Via Methodological and Technological Innovation in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, L.M. Collins, Penn State and D.E. Rivera, Arizona State, co-PIs. Developed in the Control Systems Engineering Laboratory at Arizona State University.


The information provided by Weigh IT Plus is for general research use only. It is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of a physician or weight management professional. If you have specific questions about the information presented, concerns about individual health matters or body weight management, please consult your physician. By downloading this software you are agreeing to abide by this disclaimer.

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Any questions regarding Weigh IT Plus please direct to Daniel E. Rivera at daniel.rivera@asu.edu.

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